Myriad facets of Friendship

When we look back at our school life, we get reminded of our teachers, classrooms, textbooks and the most important of all, friends. We all need the help and support of each other and that’s why friends are for. Amidst the problems that we face in life, these pleasant memories are what will make us move on. The prank that we had played on our friends is something which one will never forget and it can’t be done in the later part of our life. We must have seen people with moist eyes as they look at their school photographs.


 They are days that are gone and we will never get it back. Friends are the ones who encourage us, support us and correct us. There are people who try to unite with their friends who are not in touch. Only a few people remain in touch with their friends after school and college days. Whether it is a celebrity or a common man, everybody needs a friend for life. Being with friends is like being in another world.  Some friends are funny like this quote:

‘Always remember

 When you fall, I’ll be there to pick you up,

 after I had finished laughing.

 Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was very successful in his career because of his friends. His friend once said ‘Sachin is entirely a different person with his friends. When he fails in a test match, we don’t ask him anything about that as he will feel disturbed’. This shows that friends are those who understand our situations. Today’s generation   spend more time with their friends than parents. Friendship is a relationship that is beyond  nationality, religion, gender etc. Many parents look at the friendship of persons from two different genders in a wrong eye. This must be avoided and the parents should first understand their children. Even teacher should make sure that the students from opposite gender become friend for good reasons. The stigma that the society has towards friendship should be removed. Everyone must have a chance be friendly with everyone irrespective of their religion, race etc. Parents should encourage their children to make friends with everyone instead of saying ‘Are you going out with your friends? You will never prosper in life’. There are lot of songs and movies in Tamil cinema that emphasize on the importance of friendship.

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