Significance of summer

When someone utters the word 'summer' the only thing that strikes our mind is   hot weather and our childhood memories. Nowadays that mind-set has vanished away and everyone tries to develop their skills and talents by attending summer classes based on what interests them. There are many classes that are taken during summer in variety of fields like musical instruments, dance, swimming, skating, and drawing.


 One gets holiday and they enjoy their time spending with their relatives and neighbours. Some go for vacations and mostly choose a place of chill weather. Others go for summer classes and still some more, who finds it pleasing to spend their time in home itself. Summer season is usually   a special season meant for vacations or family gatherings for everyone, especially for children.


After the completion of exams, students will get a long term leave and they spend their holidays by attending some kind of short term crash courses. Summer is a special time for enjoying the king of fruits 'mango'. Summer is the season for mangoes. Mostly everyone likes it and there are different types of mangoes, which grows particularly in this season. During summer season people have to take various precautions like carrying umbrella,   drinking lots of water than usual inorder to stay hydrated.  By taking such precautions people could protect themselves from the infections caused by the heat and they can enjoy with their families happily.  Summer season is a good time for the farmers to harvest their crops and only in that season they will prepare the land for sowing the seeds for the next season. Only in summer, farmers will get their huge amount for their efforts that they spent on harvesting the crop throughout the year and this income will help them for further investment in their next crops. Summer season has a special significance for everyone in their lives.  

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