Welcome Summer

Summer, with its arrival brings mango, Jack fruit and the scorching sun. During summer season, to prevent ourselves from the wrath of the heat, we drink water, fresh juices or beverages. They provide immense relief from the unwavering heat. The sun is impartial, it beats down on every organism on the surface of the earth, humans, plants and animals. However, humans sustain the heat by various ways and the animals have limited access to water. Mainly due to the construction of houses in their habitat and the replacement of their water resources. The main source of water for animals and birds is lakes, river, ponds and other fresh water bodies that form due to rain. But now, due to civilisation, houses have been built over these places, depriving them of water during summer.

Hence, this summer, quenching the thirst of animals and birds should be taken into account as well. Keeping a bowl of tap water outside the house helps the stray dogs, cats and birds such as wood peckers, sparrows, crows to stay hydrated. Placing the bowl of water in shade avoids the need to refill it quite often, by slowing down the process of evaporation. Also, keeping it away from places that often occupied by humans makes the animals and birds to drink the water without hesitation. Often times, they even bath in the water, which cools them down. The need for this measure to be taken is because they have the risk of dying from lack of water in their system, which is worsened by the sun. Let us welcome this summer by making it bearable for animals and birds.

S.Anandhi, M.Barghavi, S.Hasima, M.N.Jasheera Banu, N.Jessie, R.Rajasharmi

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