Dowry evil

We all know that marriage involves a lot of expenditure. But apart from this there is a special expenditure involved from the side of girl’s family under the name ‘dowry’. The practice of giving and receiving dowry varies according to country and culture. Some group of people in North India give dowry mutually from both sides. The two families stand on two sides of the road on the wedding day and if the girl’s family is ready to offer something, the family comes one step forward. The opposite side without giving up will also give assurance to offer something to the girl and come one step forward. In Korea the girl’s family offer dowry in a chest filled with gifts. The boy’s family also does the same with a letter for the bride. They also present wooden wedding ducks on the wedding day. But nowadays dowry is paid in the form of cash instead of gifts. Some caring parents in Korea refuse to get dowry. It is mandatory for that the bridegroom builds a new house to live together. The girl’s family will provide all the electrical appliances and other needful things for the house. The tribal communities also give importance to dowry. If a boy marries a tribal girl without giving any dowry it means that the girl has some kind of deformity in her body. In Jewish culture the boy has to give a word to the girl that ‘I will build a house for us to live and get back to you’. If the boy does not build the house, the parents will not give the girl in marriage. But dowry is not as easy as it seems. UN reports that 50,000 dowry deaths takes place a year. In India a woman dies every twenty minutes due to dowry. A woman is not treated well in her husband’s house if she does not give dowry. According to a recent estimate, Kerala has recorded the highest number of dowry deaths. According to the proverb ‘the pen is mightier than sword’, some writers showed their resistance through their writings. ‘Kulathankarai arasamaram’, the first short story ever to be written in Tamil language talks about the cruelty of dowry. :


Senita Beryl.S, Rajeswari.S, Soundarya.S, Epsibah.S, Anushapriya.A, Reshmi.B.U

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