Every summer the people in India not only welcome the season but also celebrate the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket match. They consider it as one of the festive season. Not only cricket lovers even most of the Indians watch IPL because each team represents a particular state. So many of them watch and support their particular state team to win. And coming to Chennai Super Kings (CSK), which was one of most beloved team in the Indian premier league. It was founded in 2008. The team represents Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The alleged involvement CSK got suspended for two years but their came back was so marvelous. They came back with a tagline, ‘Thirumbi Vanthutomnu Sollu’, that translates to ‘tell them we are back’ and ended up winning the third tournament in 2018 at Wankehde Stadium. The immeasurable amount of love the fans had shown to the team is tremendous. It can be seen on March 17, 2019 the fans were allowed to watch the players in Chepauk Stadium. They were allowed free entry into three stands (C, D & E) and thousands of people gathered to the stadium just to see the player’s net session and practice matches. When Mahendra Singh Dhoni appeared there is a huge loud is heard and echoed to every corner of the stadium. Dhoni who was the former captain of Indian Cricket team and the present captain of CSK who was well known as ‘Captain cool’ & ‘Thalaiva’. He was a great captain who has a good leadership quality and patience. Fans love both Dhoni and CSK. For them CSK is not just a team, it is an emotion and way of life. In the match that happened between CSK & Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in Chepauk Stadium on March 23, 2019 they have proved that the cup is always for CSK. For Indians especially for the people who belong to Tamil Nadu, the color yellow plays the vital role in the summer season. Like Mango, Turmeric, Sun’s golden rays along with them the lions (CSK players) with their yellow colored flag has been a mania to many Chennai people.

Gayathiri. S Ranjini devi. D Sankari. S Priya. K Safia Khanam Srilekha. J.L

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