No more “Weaker sex”

Should broken people stay broken? The question might be common for all, but relates more for women. Women’s rights around the world are an important indicator to understand global well being. This phase is not to fight for freedom but to live strong in the free world. How is it fair enough to name the non-tiring professionalist a “weaker sex”? A woman might rest herself in sleep but it is difficult to rest her mind. Physically or mentally, she keeps running all time. Women’s enemies are not just through humans but access to education, maternal health, Gender based violence, child marriage, equality, water, sanitation, goes on. It is heart breaking to know that 800 women died for preventable pregnancy related causes. That is nearly 300,000 lives per year needlessly lost during what is fundamentally a life creating event. Though women comprise almost half of the total percentages of world’s population, they are still deprived of their rights in most of the developing countries across the globe. It is true that women, by and large, do not face discrimination in society today, unfortunately, many of them face exploitation and harassment which can be of diverse types; emotionally, physically, mentally and sexually. Women empowerment helps to make the society and world a better place to live in and march forward the way to inclusive participation. It means increase happiness for the family and the organization where women’s make a difference. Therefore, people require a completely transformed society in which equal opportunities of growth can be suitably provided to women so that they can co-exist with their male counter-part contributing equally in all the factors responsible for the growth of society in a large sense.


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