Respect Women

Women empowerment has been getting the top place in the history for around a century, but in reality it works exactly opposite. Women's issues include many which starts from ill treatment of women at home , no freedom or no self-respect from their parents. Women have always been considered to be weak, fragile and inferior by some men and even some women. As soon as they are predicted to be the female child in their mother’s womb, the society rejects them and tries to kill them in order to face any chaos in future. In some families, educated women were not allowed to work outside, saying that ‘it is unsafe’. This shows that the society is making women to be ignorant by giving them education. The discrimination between a boy and a girl starts from home which is root cause of the issues women face in the society. By mentioning those stereotypes such as ‘women should be fair in colour, they should only do household chores rather than handling mechanical works’ makes them to feel subjugated from their state, which is also making them to lose motivation to emerge up among others. Some women are losing their dreams and their passion after getting married saying that they want to take care of their household chores and children. Indeed, they’re losing their identity by letting their spouse to chase his dreams while they sit behind encouraging them.


After home, next comes the safety of women in school, college and work environment. Even though they get the opportunity to explore things the way men do, they were restricted in certain subjects, mentioning that they should follow our culture or ‘it defines the character of women’. The patriarchal society always tries to suppress women no matter how many times we say women are empowered in all the fields. . If a woman tries to live an independent life without the help of any man then she is tormented, abused and is treated mercilessly by the people in the society. There are only a few women that raise above all these struggles to achieve what they want. Many women are still struggling to break these stereotypes even in today's age. Let's hope that people change and let women do what they want to do. Women got all rights to be themselves and to achieve great goals in their life. All the illegal acts against women will come to end when there is equality in home because everything starts from there. Men should be taught to respect women. As men, he should see women from all the roles: as a mother, sister, daughter and as a human being before trying to molest her.


N. Janani D. Aishwarya A. Aishwarya K. Divya Lukka Deepthi P. Rebecca

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