Catching up with friends

We tend to meet many people in our lives but there are some people who create ever lasting memories and impression in our minds and hearts. Our friends come under this category. They have left footprints in our lives. They are the people with whom we share everything without hiding anything. They played a role of dairy in our lives. We show all our emotions like happiness, sadness, angry, greediness and so on only to them without any fake behaviour. We never mind the words and tone while we are talking to our friend because they accept whom we without finding any faults in us. Friends make ways easier to go through our hardships and struggles in our lives. When we meet our old friends we become emotional and happy. We get back to our old memories like teasing, playing, fighting, and disturbing each other. When we meet an old friend we nostalgically travel on that track with our memories.


Friends are the only relationship we choose for our own comfort . Happiness is meeting our old friend and feels the same freshness in ourselves and enjoys the moment like past days. Old friends are the mirror in whom we see our own face and actions. Old friends are the makers of great and enjoyable moments in our journey of life. Old friends know everything about us like our growth, flaws and our strengths because they have been travelling a long way with us. “Catching up with friends is like reopening your favourite gift”.

Amala . M Maria sowmya. S Mythili. C Siva Priya. S Logaeswari. V Srinithy. S

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