Vengeful Vardah
Vardah, an Urdu word which means red rose, was given by Pakistan. The names are picked from the pre- nominated list... more
The Chennai Floods
Chennai is still reeling under the disastrous Chennai floods , The devil rain which taught us a great lesson. The entire Chennai looked like a island... more
Coca-Cola’s Community Development Project
To reassure its commitment of building sustainable communities, Coca-Cola today, together with Hand in Hand India and World Vision India announced the commencement of community development programs in 39 villages... more
Karma and Conduct – The powers we must deal with
Karma, therefore, is the accumulation of both our good and bad thoughts and actions. This accumulation of karma over our lives ultimately determines what kind of life we are entitled to writes Dr Ram Sriram, Atlanta.... more
Viviana Mall’s donation drive aids underprivileged kids
The donation drive of Viviana Mall, aimed to provide essential stationary and clothes to students of various NGOs in the city has... more
Preethi Kitchen Appliances’ Mother’s Day Contest winner
Launched at the beginning of May, the contest “Date with Mom” by Preethi Kitchen Appliances invited the participants to describe how they wanted to surprise their mother on this special occasion... more
Mangoes and summer are inseparables
Summer' is here! And with it comes the refreshing, delicious season of mangoes, used in making yummy desserts, drinks, and pickles.... more
Nissan India celebrates the Spirit Of Motherhood
With its new digital short film, Nissan’s #SpiritOfMotherhood expresses the emotions, sincerity, hard work... more
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