Sri Krishna Gana Sabha honors T.N. Krishnan

Violinist T.N. Krishnan was felicitated to mark 80 years of his musical voyage by Sri Krishna Gana Sabha

Speaking at the function mridangam exponent Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman said, “He will remain the same even when he grows as old as 90 or 100. This is because music has engulfed him and this dynamo of music has charged him.”

Describing T.N. Krishnan’s music as pristine,Sivaraman declared that it was only this kind of music that could reach people and touch their hearts.“

T.N. Krishnan went on a trip down memory lane when he said that in those days he was paid Rs. 65 by this sabha for playing with musician the late G.N. Balasubramaniam decades ago, and said he was pleased to continue playing for the sabha.

Industrialist and president of Krishna Gana Sabha, Nalli Kuppuswami Chetti and secretary of Nadopasana, R. Srinivasan also participated in the function. The programme was followed by a violin concert by T.N. Krishnan and Sriram Krishnan.


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