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S Balachandar ( Veena)

 Name- Sundaram Balachander

Profession – can play Veena, Kanjira, tabla, mridangam, harmonium, bulbul tarang, dilruba, and shehnai . can sing , has forayed into films.

His grandfather is Rao Saheb Vaidyanatha Iyer. He was born to V. Sundaram Iyer and Parvathi alias Chellamma.

His elder brother  S Rajam is a well-known singer and teacher, and a gifted artist as well. His elder sister is Jayalakshmi S. Saraswathi was his younger sister, followed by the twins S. Karpagam and S. Gopalaswami. Balachander also possessed a substantial knowledge of North Indian music and a keen appreciation of Western classical music.He is also known for his work in cinema, his writing and his polemics. Balachander was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1982.

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