Doyens of Music – Instrumental
Master strokes from A K Palanivel
Though he seems worried that nagaswaram and thavil are losing out to modern instruments, quintessential optimist Haridwaramangalam A.K. Palanivel is confident of their revival... more
Straddling two genres - Violinist M S Gopalakrishnan
Violinist M S Gopalakrishnan mastered Carnatic and Hindutani music – taking over from his father Parur Sundaram Iyer – and has become a trailblazer for violinists in India... more
Mridangist Srimushnam Raja Rao
Like father, like son: S Venkatramana Rao, an accomplished mirdangist, was keen on drawing his little Raja Rao into his world of music as he showed a proclivity towards the flute... more
Parur M S Anantharaman
A musical genius from the Parur School, he may have had the instrument thrust on him when he was barely seven years old, but he has seen seven decades of music now... more
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