World Music Day Quotes

Badshah – "Everyday should be music day as it is for me! I believe music makes life simpler, I always try to make music that people can dance to and it lightens up their mood. I hope I continue doing so. This year additionally I will collaborate more to make new sounds...I am sure music lovers will enjoy it" Aastha Gill- “The best day to celebrate everything about music! Music makes me the happiest ... I know Saara India loves it too !“ The Yellow Diary- “The easier way to be true to yourself, is by trying to be true to the music you listen to. This world music day, define yourself by your playlist.” Akasa Singh- “World music day is special to each and every artiste. It’s like a tribute to what I love- making music! What I love about this day- especially in terms of this social media age- is all the amazing content artistes churn out for WMD! Personally this has been a great year cause I got to explore the song writer in me and cannot wait share what I’ve created- especially after the overwhelming response for Aithey Aa!”
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