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ChamuHemants’s traditional kolu

It consists of 9 steps, where you can find Goddess Durga at the top and some at random. The second picture portrays a "kalasam" ofDurga dressed with grand clothes and flowers. The dheepam is decorated with colourful kolams.The next is a replica of vaikuntam consisting of Vishnu ,Aandal , hanuman and Garuda with his deities with a backdrop of the sky during sunset. There are also dancers surrounding him standing on clouds.

The next picture shows gatotkachan with his pots full of food and people around him looking amazed.And the next is the court of a king , after which comes the "guberan " set in front of which sits the carnatic singers. The next is aacouple oh houses celebrating festivals like pongal. There are also two groups of people carrying idols of god  and going around in streets.And there is a place for what is called "kilijosiyam " in tamil and the last one is depicts a typical village and finally comes the animals.This is basically based on the different classes of species and on how it was seperated in the early days.


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More Kolu Competition photo gallery
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