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Shri Ramanuja Vaibhavam 1000 by Jothi Raghuraman

  • Traditional seven steps golu
  • Concept golu on Shri Ramanuja Vaibhavam Holy Life History and Teachings
  • Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswathy, AdhiShankara in Tiruvannamalai  receiving guests in Foyer
  • Welcome Whiteboard gives details about Concept golu and daily sundal menu!
  • Live presentation of story (Shri Ramanuja Vaibhavam) by Ms Jothi (pravachanam)




Ilaya Alzhwar (poorvasrama name of Ramanuja) – Tiruvadirai star, born to Asuri Kesavaiya & Kanthimathi @ Sriperumbudur on 04-04-1017


Upanayanam at the age of 7 & Marries Thanjammal at the age of 16


Learns Sastra, Vedas, vedanthas from first Guru ‘Yaadhava prakasar’ of Balu chetty chatiram in Kanchipuram. Many a times philosophies of the Guru and Illaya Azhwar doesn’t match with each other, and the Guru is upset due to over-knowledged disciple


Yadhavaprakasha fails to make the ghost run-away from Kanchi princess, whereas Ilaya Azhwar succeeds and makes the ghost attain salvation à another incident to make the Guru unhappy with the Disciple.



Second Guru ‘Shri Alawandhar alias Yamunacharya’ invites IlayaAzhwar from Kanchi to Srirangam to succeed him after his demise. Guru communicates three testaments to IlayaAzhwar by making his three fingers folded and unfolded.

1.     To write a meaning book for Bhrama sutram @Shri Bhashyam

2.     To bring out the hidden nalayaria divya prabhandham and popularize

3.     To christen two children of a staunch family with names of Vyasa & Parasara

IlayaAzhwar promises to fulfill Guru’s doctrines, in turn folded fingers become folded


a.     Yadhaprakasar’s plot to kill IlayaAzhwar fails and latter gets away and tries reaching Kanchipuram. He was directed by Devaperumal and Piratti to Kanchi with a game-play. Several years he serves Devaperumal from the ‘Saala kinaru’ @ kanchi

b.    Cousin brother Govind Bhattar receives Shiv ling in hands and heads to Kalahasti for Eswara kaingaryam aka ‘Ullam kai konarnda nayanaar


Requests Tirikachi nambigal to mediate to Devaperumal and obtains Six (6) statements – following statements as told by Deva perumal so as to be communicated to Ilaya Azhwar

1.     I am the Lord

2.     Dvaita is true… Jeevatma to attain Paramaatma is the final goal in ones life

3.     There are methods for the Jeevatma to attain Paramaatma – which is called the ‘prapathyai’ aka Saranagathi

4.     Little diversion from Bhagavad Gita…. One who doesn’t think about God during the last moments, he is for sure to take a re-birth

a.     One who accepts Saranagathi, is for sure to attain moksha and this can be attained during when who is live and he doesnot have to think about God during the last moments.

5.     There are methods to attain the above Sarangathi – Known as panchasamskara widely known as Dvayam, Thirumandiram & charama sloka

6.     The above has to be attained thru an Acharya

Hence IlayaAzhwar will have a proper Guru Periya Nambigal



Thanjammal offers food to ThirukacchiNambi in a reluctant manner with low-esteem and removes the food remains in a disgusting manner. Ilaya Azhwar was unhappy with the incident and determines to take sanyasam


IlayaAzhwar becomes RamanujaMuni after Sanyasam by DevaPerumal


Shri Ramanujar-gracing-Thirumanthiram to all by climbing atop of Thirukoshtiyur gopuram.

Thirukishtiyur Nambi curses him for which Ramanuja tells: ‘Am happy to go to the hell when several hundreds of people get to know the methods for prapathyai’.


Thirukoshtiyur Nambi wonders the broadmindedness of IlayaAzhwar and realizes that God belongs to all. He christens IlayaAzhwar as ‘Emperumanaar’


Srirangam Arayar, borrows Ramanuja muni from Kanchi to Srirangam


Ramanuja reorganizes and transforms Srirangam which is the Bhoologa Vaikuntam. Brings orderliness of Srirangam utsavams


Explains to one of his disciples that Atma attaining God is permanent and growing/gracing human body is immaterial.


His greatest disciple Koorathazhwanar contributes major portion in writing Shri Bashyam hence christnened as Bashyakarar’,  


Shri Ramanuja re-lives those experiences of what Aandal has dreamt by giving over 1000 butter and 1000 akkaravadial. Aandal seems to have accepted Ramanuja munni as b/o Aandal aka Godhakrajan. Even now koodaravalli is celebrated in a similar manner every year

Story17 to 20

Pictorial representation of ShriRamanuja’s-DivyaDesaYatirai

Shri Ramanuja’s greatest literatures are shown


Koorathazhwar loses his eye-sight to protect his Guru from Kashmir King which is foiled. Koorathazhwar regains his eyes


Brings back Chella pillai from Delhi Raja and brings the princess and chella pillai and makes them worshipped as Thulakka Nachiyar.


Anybody who has a relationship to Ramanuja by Saranagathi, is for sure to attain Moksham


Once a curd-selling old lady goes to Lord Balaji to seek moksha which was routed to Ramanuja. Ramanuja offers moksha to all living things and non-living things.


The Lord runs the moksha bus as a driver which is managed and conducted by Shri Ramanuja who allows prapannas (one who has taken saranagati) given the moksha ticket and recommends the driver to provide moksha – is still true.


The one and only method to be relieved from chain of births is Udayavar’s method



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