Navarathri Kolu Festival 2016
Kolu Competition 2016 winners is happy to announce the winners of Kolu Competition 2016. According to our judges panel, almost all the Kolus of almost 60 participants were exceptional and had some special quality about them. But the panel was constrained by numbers and presents the winners here.... more
Shri Ramanuja Vaibhavam 1000 by Jothi Raghuraman
Yadhaprakasar’s plot to kill IlayaAzhwar fails and latter gets away and tries reaching Kanchipuram. He was directed by Devaperumal and Piratti to Kanchi with a game-play. Several years he serves Devaperumal from the ‘Saala kinaru’ @ kanchi... more
Kadhaiyum Kudanthaiyum by Sucharithra Rghunathan
Kumbakonam and the other temples in and around Kumbakonam.... more
Kalahasti temple by Kala Kumar
We have depicted miniature of kalahasthi Temple along with kannampan and kanakadurgamalai. We have also depicted the life history... more
Gokulam colony by Divya Bharath Raj
Krishna jananam to mal yudhdham and khamsa Vadham... more
Aparna’s Kolu in Dallas
The main golu padi has all traditional idols of different Gods and Goddesses. The pulli Kolam on canvas has been hand drawn by me with fabric paint.... more
Anbe Sivamby Avinash and Harathy
We have a two-room Kolu. The first room houses the main, traditional 9-step Kolu. We have done a traditional Kolumandapam decoration here. It consists of vidhanam or the asmanagiri in the ceiling around it and the thoranapandal and poo pandal. The back drop of the Kolu are the thombais.... more
Singara Chennai by VidhyaArun
Our land, rich in culture and tradition.At the same time we are proud to say that we have advanced ouselves in science and technology having a strong grip in our culture and tradition too.... more
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