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“                  This year my golu themes are two. One is IMPORTANCE OF TREES  and  the second one is  IMPORTANCE OF KOLAM.



                         IMPORTANCE OF TREES


                                    Trees are the important plants that have improves life through the provision of essential necessities . These needs make them valuable and contributed to benefits of planting them.  These provide foundation of life. Trees clean air by absorbing odors, harmful  chemicals like nitrogen oxides and removing dust and sifting particles from air and trapping them I their leaves  It provides enough oxygen for breathing. Planting trees  creates job opportunities like fruit harvest, furniture construction.  Trees helps to heal, relax and re duce B.P.  Infinite shape, color, forms  helps to boost peoples mood and relax them.  Children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactive  Disorder  reduces then they engage in nature.




                           IMPORTANCE OF KOLAM

                               Kolam is an important  art .  pattern choosing is very  important in order to get good look to kolam that is designed.  When ladies bending in one  such position is one “yogasana”  that is more powerful  to keep backbone  healthy for ladies very healthier.  In history of tamilnadu designs  were supposed to be biggest art in palace of kings. Putting rice flour kolam becomes food for many insects and ants. Our creativity level increases. Putting  sikku kolam help to solve our problems in life. So every lady should put kolam in the morning and get oxygen for air. So also educate our girl child the habit of putting  kolam .

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More Kolu Competition photo gallery
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