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Deiveega Kadhaigal by SriVidya Nandakumar

 Deiveega Kadhaigal  by SriVidya NandakumarOur main Kolu is made of 7 steps.  This carries dolls such as Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Durga,  Ganesha, Radhey Krishna, Perumal-Thaayar, Pandurangan-Ragumayee, 

Lakshmi Narayanar, vaikundam set, Lakshmi Narashimar, Lakshmi Hayagreevar, Parthasarathy set, Sunder raja perumal, Oppiliappan perumal set, Varadha Raja perumal Set, Dasavatharam, Ashtalaklakshmi, Azhwars, Karthigai Pengal etc. 
In addition to this we have a dual themed kolu this year - (i) 'Deiveega Kadhaigal' 
(ii) Few 'Sevais offered in temples'

(i) 'Deiveega Kadhaigal' - This is our main theme for this year.  Under this you will find stories of Dasavatharam which includes multiple stories from Ramavathar (Portrays Scenes such as Agaligai Sabha Vimocham, Rama - Seetha Swayamvaram, Rama Kalyanam,  Hanuman carrying Sanjeevi Malai, Ramar Pattabhishekam etc)& Krishnavathar (Portrays scenes such as birth of Krishna, Krishna stealing butter, Kaalinga Nardhanam, Govardhana Giri etc), Stories from Shiva & Muruga includes Karthigai pengal bringing up Muruga, Muruga & Ganapathy fighting for Mango, Muruga getting married to Valli & Deivaanai etc.  You'll also find Markandeyan story here.
Note: As some of these sets were not sold, I had to create them on my own.  The handmade mohini and devas dolls you see in Kurma avatar, Rama Kalayanam, and Markandeyen & Yama are few examples of my creation.  These dolls were handmade by me.

(ii) 'Sevais Offered in Temples' - Under this title you will few Sevai's offered in Temples.  This includes, Garuda Sevai - Perumal taken in a procession on Garuda Vahanam, Oonjal Sevai - Perumal and Thayar are seated on the Oonjal(swing) in the Mirror Hall.  The entire area is lit with Lamps.  During the Dolotsavam ritual , the priests chant Vedas to the accompaniment of the Mangala Vadhyam or Sacred Instruments.  Sayana Sevai - Sri Rangamannar on Sayana thirukkolam on Sri Andal's Lap.  Arayar Sevai  is a performing art form, centered on the ritual singing and enactment of the hymns of the Divya Prabantham.  This is generally performed inside the temple in the presence of the temple uthsavar.  Nritya Sevai - Dancer's participate in this Seva for the lord
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More Kolu Competition photo gallery
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