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Srirangam Temple Golu - 2017, by the Mylapore Trio & Sugathan

The Mylapore Trio” - Surendranath, Amarnath, Aparna and Sugathan organized a Massive and of Magnificent Thematic Golu for the Fourth time at Srirangam Temple, as an offering at the Lotus Feet of Goddess Ranganayaki Thaayar & Lord Sri Ranganathar. The Theme was “Bhakthiyum Mukthiyum SrimanNarayanane”, which signifies that Beginning and End is Lord Narayana Himself. There were more than 35 Bays describing various forms of Bhakthi and Mukthi in which around 200 concepts, episodes and anecdotes related the theme were displayed in an elaborate manner. The Vishwaroopam of Lord Narayana with Navavidha Bhakthi on the Central Dias, the Padma Pushkarani, The Paramapadam (the apt place to depict it - the Thirumamamani Mandapam at Bhooloka Vaikundam) were the Highlight’. The Golu was inaugurated by “The Mylapore Trio” and Sugathan by lighting the Kutthu Vilakku along with other VIPs – including the Member of Parliament from Trichy, Temple Trustees and the Joint Commissioner of Srirangam Temple.  They showered encomiums on the Trio & Sugathan for putting up the Great Grand Golu which was Out of the World, Divine and unparalled. They appreciated and honoured “The Mylapore Trio” and Sugathan for their dedicated service and earnest efforts. Former Attorney Generals of India – Justice Parasaran, his Son Mohan Parasaran and his Son were amazed to see the Golu and said that they could see the divine dispensation in the TRIOS creation. Alwarthirunagari Jeeyar Swamigal blesssed the Trios (Trio and Sugathan) and honoured them, the Secretary of Dept. of  HR&CE, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, the Editor of the popular Tamil Daily “Dinamani”.

Lakhs of people from different cross section of the society – Devotees, Sadhus,  Vaishnavite Pandits, Madhwas, Tourists, NRIs, Foreigners, Scholars, Vedic Students, School and College Students and Public from all over India (Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Odisha, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi, Bengal) apart from Germany, Belgium, France, USA, UK, Korea etc., witnessed the blissful festival at the sacred 1000-pillared hall in the Srirangam Temple during those Ten days.  Excellent coverage by the Press, both Visual and Print Media made Golu very popular among lakhs of devotees which ultimately made it an Exclusive Festival only next to Vaikunta Ekadasi at Srirangam. Adding to the already thronging crowd, this year the “Cauvery Pushkaram” brought in thousands of devotees from Andhra who were extremely pious.

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More Kolu Competition photo gallery
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