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DEVI MAHATMYAM by Avinash and Harathy


                                            DEVI MAHATMYAM

This is the 11th year thematic Kolu we have set up. We,Avinash and Harathy as youngsters, strongly believe in taking up traditional themes and conveying values as far as possible .

We have a two-room Kolu. The first room houses the main, traditional 9-step Kolu. We have done a traditional Kolumandapam  decoration here. It consists of vidhanam  or the asmanagiri in the ceiling around it and the thoranapandal and poo pandal. The back drop of the Kolu are the thombais.

The second room consists of the thematic Kolu – DEVI MAHATMYAM (700 slokas on the glory of goddess chandika)

 We have portrayed:

25 stories from the 13 chapters.


Chapter 1.

1.King Suratha and Samadhi seek knowledge from the Rishi Medhas.

*Forest scene depecting Suratha and Samadhi and Rishi Medhas hermitage.(forest background)

2. Brahma prayed to Yoga Nidra, She who is foremost in the heart of Vishnu, desiring Her to awaken Hari and open His eyes.(Vaikuntam background)

*Birth of  Madhu and Kaitabha from the ear dirt of hari

* Madhu and Kaitabha asked the god to slay them on a place not covered by water.

3.  Hari held both of them on His hip and cut off their heads with His discus. .(Vaikuntam background)

Chapter 2.

4.The Devas, led by Brahma, approached Shiva and Vishnu. The thirty Gods, including Surya, Indra, Agni, Anila, Vayu, Chandramas, Varuna and Yama all described in detail how the evil Mahishasura had thrown them out of Heaven.(kailash background)

5. When that light from the Devas combined, it became a woman whose splendour filled the three worlds.(ashta dasabuja) (kailash background)

Chapter 3.

6. Caught by Her foot, Mahishasura’s real form began to emerge from his buffalo mouth. Chandika then struck off his head with Her great sword. (war background)

Chapter 4.

7. The Gods and Rishis praised the Devi while the Gandharva Chiefs sang and Apsaras danced for joy.

Chapter 5.

8. While the gods were praising and worshipping Her, Parvati came to bathe in the waters of the Ganga.
The Goddess asked:
Whose praise is being hymned here?
As Ambika manifested from the pores of Parvati’s body She is glorified as Kausiki in the three worlds.
Then Parvati also became black and came to be known as Kalika .(river background).

9.Chanda and Munda, two servants of Shumbha and Nishumbha happened to see that Ambika (Kausiki) looking extremely beautiful. They reported to Shumbha.(kings court background)

10.Devi informs  demon Sugriva(messenger of Shumbha) about her vow , she once declared that she would only marry one who could be equal in strength, one who could defeat her in battle and remove her  pride, only he could be her husband. (snowy mountain background)

Chapter 6.

11.Shumbha  summoned Dhumralochana to fight with devi. Asura Dhumralochana rushed at Her. Then Ambika reduced him to ashes just by saying “Hum”.(war background).

Chapter 7.

12. Asuras Chanda and Munda marched forth with their army seeing this Ambika became furious and in her anger her face grew dark as ink. From the fierce frown of Her forehead, suddenly, the Goddess Kali emerged holding a sword and a noose.(war background)

13. Then mounting Her great lion kali kills Chanda and Munda. (war background)

14. Chandika looked at the two mighty demons’ heads and named kali as chamunda.

Chapter 8.

15.As shumba marched with his army towards devi  Then, the Shaktis of all the Gods, of Indra, Brahma, Isha, Vishnu and Kartikeya, all came out in their true forms to join the Goddess Chandika in destroying the enemies of the Gods

Brahma’s Shakti, called Brahmani, came in Her chariot drawn by swans. She carries a rosary and a water-pot.
Maheshvari came riding an ox, holding Her trident. She wears bracelets of great serpents and a crescent moon adorns Her forehead.
Ambika- Kaumari rides on a peacock. She carries a spear to slay demons.
Vaishnavi rides on Garuda. She carries Her conch, discus, mace, bow and sword.
Sri Hari’s Shakti advanced in the form of a boar. She is Varahi.
Likewise, Narasimhi came, in lion-form, like Narasimha, scattering constellations of stars with a toss of her mane.
Then the thousand-eyed Indrani came, seated on the king of elephants, wielding Her thunderbolt weapon.



16. Goddess, Aparjita, sends Shiva himself to the demons to inform them,that indra shouldbe restored to power. She became known as Shivaduti after that.

17. Demon Raktabija, full of anger, struck each of the Mothers with his club.
But the streams of blood pouring from him where he was hit by the spears, swords and clubs only brought countless hundreds more like him into being.
The whole world became covered in demons. Chandika asked kali to drink his blood and struck him with Her pike. (war background with sapta matruka)


Chapter 9.

18.As Nishumbha came at Her with his dart She pierced him in the heart with Her swift pike.
From his pierced heart another valiant warrior emerged saying, “Stop!”
Laughing vigorously the Devi cut off his head as he was speaking. He fell down dead. (war background with sapta matruka)


Chapter 10.

19.Nishumbha says You depend on these others for Your strength!”

 Devi said that  she is all alone in the world of movement. Who else is there beside Me? These goddesses are manifestations of My powers. See! They dwell within Me alone!”
Then Brahmani and all the others were absorbed into Her body. Ambika was all alone.

20. He flew into the sky.  Ambika lifted him up. She whirled him around, then She threw him down to earth.He fell dead. ( background with earth and sky)

21.The hearts of the Gods were filled with joy. The gandharvas resumed their songs. Others played instruments. Nymphs danced, gentle breezes blew, the sun glowed, sacred fires blazed peacefully and all the disturbing sounds were silenced everywhere.

Chapter 11.

21. All the gods, led by Agni, sang the praise of Katyayani.

22.Devi says she  shall incarnate in the earth :

Womb of Yashoda, in the house of Nanda-gopa, dwelling in the Vindhya Mountain.

 As Rakta-dantika to kill  Viprachitti demon.

As Shatakshi to  nourish the world with life-sustaining foliage .

As Shambhari and shall slay the great demon called Durgama.

As Bhima-devi in bee-like form as a swarm to slay  Aruna asura.

Chapter 12.

23.The Immaculate Goddess blesses Her devotees.

Chapter 13.

24. Suratha and Samadhi settled on the bank of a river and began to practice penances, reciting the Devi Sukta in order to evoke Amba.Chandika appears in front of them to grant boons.

25.Suratha was then reborn as the son of Surya and Savarna. Thus he became Savarni the eighth Manu.





















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