Kolu Competition

Navarathri Kolu Competition

Chennailivenews is very happy to announce its popular ‘Navarathri Kolu Competition’ for 2017.

We invite our readers to take part in the contest and take home  prizes.

Please read our rules and kindly follow them.

You can always mail us in the e-mail ID provided along with the rules, in case you have any doubts.



Rules and regulations for Kolu 2017


1 This will be an online Kolu competition for residents of Chennai.

2 The competition is open to anybody who arranges Kolu.

3 Only ONE entry will be allowed per person/per family/per institution.

4 The contestant will have to mail photos (preferably resized ones) of the Kolu to usharaja2008@gmail.com

5 All entries should be accompanied by a description of the theme/or other details of the Kolu

6 A panel of judges would judge the Kolu based on the photos and the description provided by the contestant.

7 There will be no house visits to judge the Kolus.

8 There is no bar on earlier contestants or winners participating in this year’s competition.

9 There will be an upper limit of 10  photos per entry.

10 The prizes will be announced at a suitable date.

11 The decisions of the judges would be final and cannot be challenged in any forum.

12 Those living outside Chennai can participate in the contest but will not be taken into account for prizes.

13 The last date for sending in the photos is  1st   October  , 2017

14 Please send full contact details like address and phone number for ONLY our use.

 15 .Contact Usha Raja -9940140645   for any doubts.

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