Navarathri Kolu Festival
Pattani (peas) sundal
You don’t have to wait till the end of the year to have this delicious sundal – try using some dried peas and you will have a sundal ready for this Navarathri festival... more
Prizes distributed to contest winners held a function to award prizes to our readers who had won in the Navarathri Kolu contest, Deepavali recipe competition and Memorable Deepavali contest, at The Accord Metropolitan... more
2011 Navarathri Kolu contest winners
We are happy to announce the winners of the online 2011 Navarathri Kolu contest – we must confess that the judges had a tough time selecting the winners from the whole lot of exceptional Kolus... more
Indira’s Kolu in Atlanta
In Atlanta, USA, we have quite a few houses decorated for Navarathri Kolu and my friend Indira Ramaswamy, apart from the feast for our eyes, had also cooked a delicious meal for us, writes Rama Sriram... more
Sundari Kolu has a 100-year–old doll
Apart from the main Kolu, we also have a school theme Kolu where we have made a big school with garden made out of thermacol to attract our little guests, explains Sundari... more
Uthra’s handicrafts Ramayana Kolu
Except for the dolls, all other things are handmade - From huts in the forest, chairs in Ravana’s durbar, the Sethu bridge, stones, ‘tail seat’ for Hanuman - everything is handmade, explains S Uthra... more
Padma has a plastic-free Kolu
We wanted not only our dolls to convey a theme but also wanted our whole Kolu festival to spread a valuable social message and, hence, we selected the plastic-free Kolu theme, writes R Padma... more
Saranya’s Kolu is a riot of themes
We have displayed multiple themes in this year’s Kolu in two spacious rooms like the 64 arts lord Krishna learnt as a student, the 16 riches that elders bless young couples with, explains Saranya Vijay Rajan... more
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