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Kooram Adikesava Perumal

Kooram is a tiny, picturesque hamlet near the temple town of Kancheepuram. There are temples dedicated to Adikesava Perumal and Koorathalwar.

Adikesava Perumal Temple

Presiding deity - Sri Adikesava Perumal

Thayar - Sri Pankaja Valli Thayar

The temple has shrines for Sri Andal, Sri Vishwaksenar, Sri Nammalwar, Sri Thirumangai Alwar, Sri Ramanuja, Sri Parasara Bhattar, Sri Nampillai Logaachariyaar, Sri Manavala Maamunigal, Sri Chakrathalwar and Sri Narasimhar.

Kooram is the birthplace of Sri Koorathalwar and there is a temple dedicated to him.

Koorathalwar is considered an avatar of Sri Rama himself. He is an epitome of humbleness and person with unmatched guru bhakti. Although born into a rich family, he gave away all his material wealth and became a disciple of Sri Ramanuja. He helped Ramanuja compose the Sri Bhasyam.

Swamy Koorathalwar gave his eyes for his guru Sri Ramanuja.

Koorathalwar was born as Kuresan in the small town of Kooram (near Kancheepuram). He hailed from a well-off family and had a wonderful wife, Sri Andalamma. During this time, Kuresan became a disciple of Swamy Ramanuja in Kancheepuram. After they became close, Sri Ramanuja decided that he has to move to Srirangam to further spread Sri Vaishnavam and left Kancheepuram.

But, soon, Koorathalwar decided to renounce his wealth and surrender to his guru, Sri Ramanuja, at Srirangam. Koorathalwar left for Srirangam with Andalamma and became a disciple of Sri Ramanujar. To acknowledge his piety and greatness, a temple was built in his honour at his birthplace.

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