Purattasi Special 2012
Sevilimedu Lakshmi Narasimhar
Sevilimedu, where the temple now stands, reportedly got its name as there was an ancient palace of the Pallava kings here under a mound (medu) and because sevili flowers grew here... more
Kooram Adikesava Perumal
Kooram is a tiny, picturesque hamlet near the temple town of Kancheepuram where there are temples dedicated to Adikesava Perumal and Koorathalwar who was born in this village... more
Maduramangalam Vaikunta Perumal
The people of Maduramangalam firmly believe that no snake or poisonous insect will harm anyone and Sri Vaikunta Perumal cures all eye ailments if prayed to by lighting a ghee lamp... more
Thiruparkadal Ranganathar
It is not a misnomer to call this hamlet Thiruparkadal (Milky Ocean), where Lord Ranganatha is found reclining on Adisesha, as he is found in the same posture here... more
Pon Vilaintha Kalathur Perumal
Surprisingly, the temple in Pon Vilaintha Kalathur, whose presiding deity is Vaikunta Vaasa Perumal, actually came to be called by the name of the utsava deity – Lakshmi Narasimha... more
Madurantakam Erikatha Ramar
The Thayar shrine of the Madurantakam Kothandaramaswamy temple is said to have been built by an English collector, Colonel Lionel Place, as a thanksgiving for saving the brimming tank... more
Uthiramerur Sundaravaradaraja Perumal
The unique feature of the Uthiramerur Sundaravaradaraja Perumal Temple is that the Lord can be worshipped in all three forms that he is famous for: standing, sitting, reclining... more
Pazhaya Seevaram Perumal
The Lakshmi Narasimha Perumal Temple in Pazhaya Seevaram in Tamil Nadu has its roots in the penance of a sage that began at Naimisaaranyam in north India and brought him to Padmagiri... more
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