Varied hues of Pongal

                     Pongal - a festival that is celebrated by generations for centuries. It is the most awaited festival after Christmas and             New Year in the month of January. It is a festival that commemorates the age old tradition and culture of Tamilnadu. Pongal is celebrated by everyone irrespective of their religion, caste and nationality. Now- a- days pongal is being celebrated by Tamil people who have settled in foreign countries.

Competitions are conducted for students in schools and colleges as a part of pongal celebrations. People consider it as a day to honour ethnicity of the state and adorn themselves with saris and dhotis. It is widely being celebrated by farmers as it is predominantly a harvest festival. Children love this festival as they get new clothes and holidays. People prefer eating varieties of pongal and traditional food on a banana leaf which is a custom on this day. People  clean  their   houses for this special day. The first day is called Boghi pongal. People burn their old clothes and furniture as a symbol of welcoming newness. People wake up early in the morning to go to temple and worship god. The second day is called Mattu pongal . It is celebrated in other states such as Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This is a day to honour cows and bulls as they play a major role in farming. The cows and bulls will be decorated and worshipped by farmers as they consider it as god. An important village sport called ‘Jallikattu’ or ‘Manjuvirattu’ is an integral part of Pongal festival. This competition takes place on the third day of Pongal celebrations. In the olden days, fierce bills were chased by young adults with money tied to their horns. But today it is held in a different way without money.

 This jallikattu competition is good for the bull as it  increases the secretion of adrenaline gland in the bull. Kampala is a type of bull race that takes place in Karnataka. The fourth day is kaanum Pongal. It is an apt and right day for outing. People go out as familes to park, theatre, beach, zoo, theme park, mall and so on. People would like to watch that is released for Pongal in theatres. In few places this day is called kari naal or Thiruvalluvar day. This day is dedicated to the Sun God  

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