A peep into a village festival


The intention of celebrating  a   festival is sharing,  , socialize with relatives which gives enormous  joy.. Life in village are free from the hustle and bustle of city life. All festivals are cultural in one or the other way, where all serves the purpose of bringing happiness to  our lives and strengthen our sense of community. The mode of festival gives excitements enjoyment, relaxation and time to bond with the members of the family relatives whom we never see often. Gathering of kith and kin build the relationship bonding past misunderstanding might disappear to create a chance to forgive and forget. It give a prospect for the city children to know about the village custom and their relatives.

      Beside their enjoyment they give first preference to God by worshiping the Almighty. All women in the family gather  to prepare food with love. During any    festival   people will conduct fair, puppet shows, games, cultural events. These things showcase  their very own tradition of village nativity which still remain eternal .People forget their worries and their dark face shine with a new hope and joy. Finally, though the facilities in village may be lesser than that in the cities. However, most of the people living there are far more content and happy. Villages are peaceful, calm quite and full of greenery where people can breathe fresh air.  Some villages are big while others are comparatively small. Village life has its own charms. Cowper says, “God made the country and man made the town.”  The festival in the village are a grand diversion to the villagers. There is much fun and merry making during the festivals. They stimulate production and consumption. Thus festivals play a big role in the life of the villagers. People in our country love celebrating the festivals with their near and dear ones. On village festival day the communal house becomes more crowded. This is a special occasion for people in the village to meet and talk together about their work as well as the harvest.  After the meal the village festival lasts until early in the evening. The village festival is still celebrated as the cultural and traditional beauty of village. It reminds the young generation of the tradition and originality.



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