Festival in villages have a special significance

Festival, a word that makes people happy instantaneously. Festivals are celebrated all over India, but it all depends on how  one celebrates it. The difference lies in the lifestyle of the people. People who live in villages are definitely known for celebrating their festivals in a grand, lavish and extraordinary manner. They love to go all out and not hold back when it comes to festivals. Neighbors, friends and everyone have a good time together that eventually creates a good bond. They do their best to make the festival a memorable one


 But as we are living in a  ,modern age ”, there are changes in everything we do, we feel, and in the way we live. The traditions, culture and ideas are preserved only in village festivals.

The celebration factor in cities have been completely changed because of Westernization. Village festivals are reducing in number as years pass by because many of the family members migrate to cities in search of jobs and they never tend to return back to celebrate these festivals, so the traditions will die soon in villages too. In cities, we are busy adapting Western culture like Friendship Day and Valentine's Day but we forget our own native Harvest festival. We are happy with the number of holidays we get without knowing the reasons behind celebrating these festivals. City dwellers can't afford to celebrate these festivals for many days like the people in villages because of their occupational commitments.


There are a few families in villages who celebrate the festivals with great enthusiasm especially with loads of love, care and affection unlike city people who celebrate everything through materialistic things. Feeling of oneness and being grateful are the basic qualities of the villagers.

The true joy and enjoyment of celebrating a festival can be seen only in villages where they celebrate even one festival for five to six days which is economically not possible in cities. Festivals helps in strengthening the harmony among the families and it gives time for the people to take break from their monotonous work culture. Village festivals have a lot of traditions and they believe that there is a reason behind everything with a special significance. Festivals in villages are definitely well celebrated and showcase a feeling of bonding and happiness.



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