Different dimensions of a festival in Oddanchathiram

Oddanchathiram is the second largest town in Dindugal district after Palani and it is well known for its name vegetable city of Tamilnadu.

In  Oddanchathiram    people are constantly following their own traditions and customs by organizing festivals every year, but whereas many people among us feel  hesitant or at times they neglect their own culture.

 This village has three temples and a special festival(carnival) usually take place for continuous four days (thiruvizha or nombu). Before one week one among the person in the town gives an official announcement about the festival with use of drums (parai). After this announcement has made none of the people can go out of the village and people from other towns were also not allowed. Before 1 week of the festival people will start to clean their house and so on. In Day 1 of this festival, very close relatives are invited from each house to celebrate blissfully. The main part of this festival is, the two idols: Durgaiamman and kaaliamman will be intrinsically made with use of only natural flowers and clay. This idol making will be done by the two prominent and dedicated persons in the village. It is said till the making of idols gets over all men and women except children will not sleep. The temple jewels will be under the maintenance of the village chief who takes the whole responsibility of safe guarding it. Once the two idols get their shape and structure completely, the rituals will be done by the two priests’ in that village. The two artificial idols each weighs 20kgs which is too heavy for a person to lift and bare weight, but the two priests do this work whole heartedly with utmost devotion. After the idols placed inside the temple village will begin their all kinds of Poojas.

The whole village feels this as an astonishing moment in their life. All through the 4-day village people enjoy a lot by conducting games for children and debates for elders and tug of war kabaddi for youngsters and many fun parts also been included. Whole village will be enthusiastically participating in every game. This is the time where whole village gets united and work for all these 4 days unitedly. These village festivals are so important because this is the time where people try to reunite with their family and to preserve and follow their own culture. Let’s not forget and try to take part in village festivals ,

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