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Tamil Nadu is a land of festivals. Especially in villages people love to celebrate the festivals with their near and dear ones. Aadi perukku is an auspicious festival which indicates the overflowing of rivers due to monsoon rains. The livelihood of farmers are highly dependent on this monsoon rains. People pray to rain God, varuna for a good harvest and constant supply of water. Moreover, it is a thanks giving ceremony for nature’s beautiful grace on mankind. There are some festivals which has strange stories behind. One such festival was celebrated in the village Therikudiyiruppu.


It’is  said that the Lord Ayyanar has demolished a devilish thief on karthigai  . They believed that the soil turned red because of the blood of this thief. Every year on that day, people celebrate the victory of Ayyanar, by cutting open a tender coconut and sprinkle the water on the red soil land.

This indicates that the soil becomes pure and thus people take the soil home where it’ll bring them prosperity. Generally the temple festivals in the village will take two weeks of celebration. People come    together and make the city dwellers to tgoback to their village.


 More specially these festivals unite all the religions together and be a bridge of sharing happiness. Four days of Pongal is also a festival of farmers, where each day carries a significance. Day one to burn all our negativities, Day two for thanking sun god, day three for the cows which helped them, day four to spend quality  time with relatives. Deepam is also another notable festival of Tamil Nadu especially in Thiruvannamalai. It’s celebrated during full moon day when the moon is in line with the six star constellation called karthigai. The idea behind this festival is to beep away bad things from life and the light symbolizes the victory of  good over the evil. Thus no village has turned against their customs and belief. They created such festivals to make their life colourful and happy along with their environment and live a spiritually enlightened life.




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