Manngani festival

The festival of joyous, prayers and wishes!!

Mango festival is celebrated in Karaikal.  Here is the interesting story and origin of the “Mango Festival”.  Punidhavadhi Ammayar was born in Nagapattinam and she was a powerful and great devotee of Lord Shiva.  She prays to Lord Shiva about her husband who should resemble like Lord Shiva.  Ammayar was married to a good man who is Paramandha Chettiyar.  Ammayar was happy.

The custom starts here as, Paramanandhar gave two mangoes to Ammayar and he will return for the lunch.  Lord Shiva came in the form of Bikshanathar to test Ammayar. Bikshanathar asked for food and she gave a mango for him to eat but she too afraid that what she will explain to her husband.  Bikshanathar left after eating the food.  Then, Paramanandar came back and asked Ammayar to bring the mangoes Ammayar gave one mango and she prayed to Lord Shiva whole-heartedly.  Lord Shiva surprised her giving a mango from the sky which was presented to Chettiyar and he wondered that the taste of the mango was totally different.

Ammayar explained everything which was happened.  Chettiyar laughed everything which was happened and asked Ammayar to get another mango.  Ammayar proved her devotion and went to Pandian city and she found that her husband was married to another women and have a child too.  Chettiyar kneeled at the feet of Ammayar and he realized that she was equal to god and for the remembrance and for respecting Ammayar he named his child as Punidhavadhi.  Ammayar prayed to god that she will come to his place by leaving her skin.  Lord Shiva gave her what she wished for.

 Mango Festival an auspicious festival is celebrated in memory of Lord Shiva in the month of Aani (June-July) in Karaikal.  People pray for child and buy mangoes and throw them during the time of god’s procession across the street.

This festival is celebrated only in Karaikal. 








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