Memorable Maattu Pongal

Maattu Pongal, it is the third day of Pongal festival, where it is celebrated by all Tamil people  all over the world. It is celebrated as the festival of cattle by the farmers, the bull plays the major role as it helps the farmers in growing crops and maintain the fields. Cows and bulls are worshipped  by the people as the cow gives milk and bull helps in ploughing the fields. On this day people clean their house and decorate their front yard with kollams that have drawings of bull or cow. The cow or bull is given a fresh bath and the cattle owner sprinkles saffron water with mango leaves on it and offers prayers to them to protect them from all evil powers. people take aarthi to the cattle after offering prayers to lord Krishna and lord Indra for the growth and prosperity of their cattle population. The bull’s and cow’s horns are painted with multicolor paint. Flower garlands, tinkling bells and multi-colored beads are tied around their necks. On this day of Mattu Pongal a special dish called ‘Sakkara Pongal’ is made with moong dal, cooked rice, dry fruits and jaggery. It is first offered to cows and bulls and then is distributed among as ‘prasadam’.

An important sport in this day of Maatu Pongal is called ‘Jallikattu’ or ‘Manji Virattu’.  Young men from the village gather to participate in this, in this sport pulikulam or kangayam breed of bulls are released in the ground and men try to control them by jumping on their hump or holding their horns. This sport is a pride among Tamil people, especially in villages. Those who win in this sport as seen as strong men. While this sport was banned by the government in 2017, a massive strike was held among Tamil people, people flooded to support this sport, it took days for the government to control the strike, and at last the government made a new ordinance and the sport was allowed to be continued again. That was a great support given by Tamil youth to support the Tamil tradition.



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