Vellam Kalli – The Snake boat race

Vellam Kalli is the traditional boat race celebrated in many parts of Kerala. Kerala the land of rain which was situated in the southern part of India which has many rivers, lakes and ponds. This festival has been celebrated every year in the season of harvest where Onam is celebrated in Autumn season. Vellam Kalli is also known as Snake boat race. Tke boat is a traditional boat in Kerala which is 100-120 feet long and it can carry upto 100 rowers or warriors. And each part of Kerala people had their own regional Snake boat race which they take pride to participate in that festival.

The whole occasion is the offering for Lord Krishna and Arjuna. And the boat race visualize the scene of Lord Krishna's life when he was a kid his father took him and crosses a river where he five headed Snake Vaasuki help them. Every year the villagers along with their boats gathers near the Rivers and lakes. The traditionally dressed rowers accompanied with the singers has been cheered by the great enthusiastic crowd.

Vellam Kalli is one of the important festival which has been celebrated in the Southern part of India. It’s a race which happens in the rivers and lakes. But already in Kerala many rivers has been disappeared due to natural calamities and people’s polluting habits. Our generation has seen these kinds of festivals in our life but we do not  know whether  our children will have the fortune to see that. So try to love the nature and try to protect it.



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