Namma ooru Thiruvizha

The soul of India lives in the villages. Indian villages have very beautiful and attractive lifestyle. They are surrounded by numerous trees, mountains and valleys which create a peaceful, calm and quite environment thereby making the natives have “soul-connecting’ feel! The festivals celebrated in the villages will bring forth “Unity” amongst people in and around the rural arena. They also invite all their relations from cities to share the joy.

The villages of Tamil Nadu mainly focus on Thiruvizhas (which will be celebrated once in a year). Thiruvizhas exhibit the uniqueness of each and every village. Every village has their own way of celebrating this occasion. Basically, Thiruvizhas stand as an epitome of tradition, culture and custom of the villages, which is also in a close proximity with pride!

This year had an exemplary start for “Thingalur, Perundurai district, Erode.” 7th January 2019 marked the beginning of “Thiruvizha” which was held in an extravagant manner for about 17 days. This marked the “Kumbhabhishegam” of the village deity “Kondathhu Kaaliyamman.” There is a belief that this deity was a “Suyambu” (i.e); it had its own origin. People were of the opinion that this deity need to be worshipped in a big temple and gave life to their thought by erecting a Temple which is said to be the larger one in the district. And with the construction of temple, kumbabishegam was done according to the rituals. It has been celebrated in the form of a Thiruvizha  and people in and around the village had their shot thereby taking part in the ceremony which held for nearly 17 days. According to the rituals,  people were fasting for nearly 15 days before the kumbabhishegam and after that , the next 3 days were celebrated as Thiruvizha and people happily involved in each day’s programs and there were exhibition and carnival which kindled their interest. Initially, the announcement of  Thiruvizha was given by the chief priest of Perundurai. During that time, that place was crowded with people from different cities and villages. On the day of celebration, chariots were used to carry the statue of the Kondathu Kaaliyamman deity with the music of Parai. The culture oriented dances like Karakattam, kaavadi, oyilattam and Silambattam was being performed and enjoyed by the people. On a nutshell, “Unity” has been established and the mere thought of not having let the native things die created a blissful arena! The main significant thing of the Thiruvizha was the Pookuzhi eranguthal or Thee midhithal (people walking over fire). There were many games conducted and among that Giant Wheel was the centre of attraction for the people. There were varieties of shop which tempted not only the children but also the adults. This ceremony brought out the children in them. Irrespective of the age, every individual enjoyed this Thiruvizha. These Thiruvizhas are the strong pillars of culture and tradition of Tamil Nadu and makes us firmly believe that “Nativity and Native stuffs won’t cease to exist.!!








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