The Temple Fest

People living in big cities will not know how joyous and fun village festivals are but some of their parents know about these festivals and happiness that came along with it. The parents are always proud of their hometown since it brings them so much joy to just think of the peaceful nature, fresh air and childhood memories of their hometown. The one thing that stands out in their memory is the village festivals known as ‘Tiruvuzha’. This is a very important festival and usually happens once a year and brings in a huge  number of onlookers who want to have fun and just feel the vibe of the festival. The festival has its spiritual implications too as the village’s Idol is carried around throughout the village and people come to worship their God in numbers. It usually takes place at May and this invites more crowd because of the summer holidays and it takes place for three days.

The most interesting part of these festivals however is how happy the children become when they see balloons and colourful toys in the shops that are put up just for the festival. The children wear new clothes and enjoy their time during these festivals. Children like to roam along the crowded streets with balloons in their hands. While children are playing along the streets, the elders pray the God and visit the temple to do poojas and prayers. Children and adults alike, enjoy one thing that is common for both. They enjoy the giant wheel that is placed next to the temple. Children scream on top of their voices and adults enjoy the fresh air and the view of the village from the tallest point of the wheel.

While morning is filled with shops and crowded streets, during the night the village organizes traditional dance programmes and dramas. The villagers enjoy the entertainment offered to them and encourage the dancers and performers on stage. However, these are just memories to those parents who have now settled in cities. They tell their stories to their children and kindle the joy of village festival in their mind even though, in this concrete jungle, they cannot even imagine a festival like that. With a an element of nostalgia  the elders vividly narrate the stories of their childhood and their experiences during village festivals and at the back of their mind, they hope to visit the village festival once again before it’s too late.

M.Barghavi, N.Jessie, S. Hasima, M.N.Jasheera Banu, R.Rajasharmi, S.Anandhi

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