Pongal O Pongal

Pongal is a Tamil word which means overflowing.This festival signifies good wishes,wealth,abundance and prosperity.Pongal Festival is celebrated for four days.The four days of the pongal festival are known as Bohi,Surya,Mattu,and Kaanum pongal

         1.Boghi Pongal:It is celebrated on the first day of the festival.The houses are cleaned and old items are discarded.Bhogi means destroy the old things and welcome the new year with new things.

          2.Surya Pongal:Surya pongal also known as “Thai Pongal” is celebrated on the second day of the festival.This day is devoted to surya dev[The sun god].It is celebrated by boiling rice with fresh milk,jaggery and with other ingredients in new clay pot.The place for cooking is decorated with coloured patterns called”Kolam”.The climax is waiting for the pongal to be split over during cooking.The spillover of milk is a symbol of abundance.

           3.Mattu Pongal:It is celebrated on the next day of surya pongal.This day is also known as “Thanks Giving Day”.People play a varietyof games on this day.This day is also known as a kanum pongal.On this day,following the custom of kanupidi,girls and womens are seen offering prayers for the well-being of their brothers.

           4.Kaanum Pongal:The fourth day and the last day of the festival is known as kannum pongal.This is a time for Re-Union of friends and families.The younger people seek blessing of the elders.This is the thank relatives and friends for their support in harvest.

Pongal is an important harvest festival of tamilnadu on this occasion,people thanks to the sun god for abundant agricultural crops.It is also celebrated in other countries like sri lanka,Malaysia,Mauritius  and Singapore. It is celebrated in the mid of January every year.Our human family is also very rich by its different histories,cultures,traditions of each ethic group.Tamils have very unique and beautiful celebration,one of them is called:THAI PONGAL

Today ,we more focus on ecology,global warming,climate changes etc..The ceremony of thai pongal is a traditional festival,honoured by tamils for ages;connected with nature...

                        “Hope this festival bring feelings of joy and happiness in your life”


                                    Premalatha,Helen mary,Sibiya and krishnaveni...

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