Kanchanoor – Lord Sukran - 2

Kanchanoor is one of the Navagraha temples in Thanjavur district. It signifies Sukran –Venus.

The Nandi - divine Bull - is famous here. A poor Brahmin was cursed of pasu dosham - curse of the cow. The calf died when the Brahmin threw a lump of grass to the calf one day. As advised by Haradatta, a Shivachariyar, he offered grass to the stone Nandhi in the temple. To his astonishment, the Nandhi consumed the grass and the Brahmin was relieved of his curse. Since the Nandhi is eating the grass, its tongue does not protrude.

Brahma is said to have been blessed with the vision of Shiva’s marriage with Parvati in this sacred spot.


Sukran is the second most beneficial planet after Guru. If Sukran is favourably placed in a person’s horoscope, the person will be blessed with health, wealth and good family.

An unfavourably positioned Sukran in one’s horoscope causes eye ailments, indigestion, and impotency, loss of appetite and skin problems.

Sukran is the lord of Rishaba and Thula and faces East.

Favorite colour — White

Flower – White lotus

Day - Friday

Pulses - Mochcha kottai

Fruit — Athi - fig

Number - 6

Gem — Diamond

Muthuswamy Dikshitar has eulogised Sukran in his Navagaraha Kriti.

Raga - Paras - Srisukram bhagavantham – in Triputa tala.

Offer prayers to lord Sukran on Fridays for a happy and healthy life.

Kanchanoor is near Kumbakonam, in Tamil Nadu.


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