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Nava Tirupati - Then Thiruperai 2

Then Thiruperai is one of the 108 Divya Kshetras in Vaishnavite tradition and also part of the Nava Tirupati cluster of temples in Tirunelveli. Once Mahavishnu forgot Lakshmi and spent time with Bhoomidevi joyously.

Sage Dhurvasar visited them only to be cold-shouldered.

Sage Dhurvasar, angered with the callousness of Bhoomidevi when she was with Mahavishnu, curses her to take the form of Lakshmi who is dark in colour. Bhoomidevi realised her folly and did penance on the banks of Thamiraparani in Karipadam.

The sage at once informs this to Lakshmi who becomes happy. Meanwhile, Bhoomidevi takes the form of Lakshmi and is called Sriperai.

While doing penance, she comes across two huge earrings - makara kundalam - in the form of matsyam - fish, floating in the river. She carries them and offers them to the Lord.

Since Bhoomidevi is called Sriperai, the holy spot is called Thiruperai.

Among the Navagrahas, Sukran is the planet for rains. Amongst the Devas, Varuna is the rain god. Both have visited this place to worship the deities.

Then Thiruperai is located near Alwar Thirunagari in Tirunelveli district.



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