The Temple Fest
NINE Village Festival: The Temple Fest... more
Namma ooru Thiruvizha
The villages of Tamil Nadu mainly focus on Thiruvizhas (which will be celebrated once in a year). Thiruvizhas exhibit the uniqueness of each and every village... more
Vellam Kalli – The Snake boat race
Vellam Kalli – The Snake boat race... more
Memorable Maattu Pongal
Memorable Maattu Pongal... more
Manngani festival
Manngani festival... more
Religious activity in festivals
Religious activity in festivals... more
Different dimensions of a festival in Oddanchathiram
This village has three temples and a special festival(carnival) usually take place for continuous four days (thiruvizha or nombu). Before one week one among the person in the town gives an official announcement... more
Festival in villages have a special significance
Festival in villages have a special significance... more
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