Valentine's Day 2012
Chennai celebrates V-Day
A lot of things were happening on Valentine’s day in Chennai – people came out to buy gifts in busy bazaars, while some headed for hotels, and yet others watched the fun on TV channels... more
Celebs and Valentine’s Day - 2
Actor Abhishek and violinist Padma met in Mumbai and fell in love, but they had to wait for eight years to get married as her parents were slow in accepting someone from the cinema field... more
Celebs and Valentine’s Day - 1
Yesteryear actor villain/comedian Balaiah’s son Junior Balaiah, an artiste in his own right, was married on February 14 to the woman he fell in love with and so has strong views on love... more
காதலின் வலிமை
Dr R. கமலா வாலன்டைன்ஸ் தினத்திற்கு ஏற்ற அழகியக் காதல் கதையை வடிக்கிறார்... more
A ‘bear’y special gift
‘Carz’n’dollz’, Selaiyur, East Tambaram, is one of the shops that caters to a valentine’s needs – it has a large collection of eye-catching, imported, teddies that sell like hot cakes... more
Grand old mall of Chennai
Though Spencer Plaza, the grand old lady of Chennai malls, is now largely ignored by youngsters and shoppers, it comes alive before V-Day with people picking up good deals... more
Colourful love
So, you have always known that the colour of roses you choose conveys a message – especially on V-Day; but did you know that there is a colour code even for the dress you wear on that particular day?... more
Say it with cards
Visit an Archies outlet and you will understand that greeting cards have not gone out of fashion in this day of e-cards and SMS greetings: youngsters throng to pick up cards for Valentine’s Day... more
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