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COCO - a movie with a difference
COCO - a movie with a difference... more
Kavan a movie to reckon with
Kavan is a pure tamil name of catapult. It's a device used to hunt or to hit the target... more
Badshah looks majestic
Badshah looks majestic... more
Maleficent is Magnificent
Everything's better when your heart is full of love not HATE. There is always another side of the coin (the story). In Disney's 1959 animated feature film, ‘Sleeping beauty’ , Maleficent or the Mistress of all... more
People friendly movies
The sun is setting and your house is crowded with near-and-distant relations and friends who are making a ruckus that would drive the neighbors away, the only way to bring everybody together is a perfect movie and good food... more
Awesome Aranmanai-2
Much awaited movie Aranmanai 2 carries honor killing as a highlighted statement of the story. Director Sundar.C who had already gained the maximum pride and filled box office with hits with his movie Aranmanai part... more
Jyothika’s joie de vivre in 36 Vayadhinile
36 Vayadhinile marksJyothika’s come back to cine field after a hiatus of eight years. The story and direction of the film are handled by RosshanAndrrews who had directed the original version... more
Ajith’s heroism in Yennai Arindhaal
Satyadev (Ajith) is a cop , he looses his father early . It has made him decide his goal and he marches towards the path of truth. He falls in love with Hemanika (Trisha). Thus the film turns out to depict a cop's life filled with hurdles and how he tackles it.... more
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