It is the 29th Melakartha raga and a sampoorna raga.

Besides shadjam and panchamam, which are non-variant, the other swaras are:

Chatusruthi rishabam
Andhara gandharam
Suddha madhyamam
Chatusruthi daivatham
Kaisiki nishadam

There are a lot of ragas which are derived from it. It can be sung any time of the day and can be rendered in the octaves. In Western music, it is called Major scale.


1 Geetham — Ripupala - Venkatamakhi -Matya tala
2 Varnam - Samininne - Veena Kuppier - Adi tala
3 Kriti – Sarojadhalanethri - Syama Sastri - Adi tala
4 Kriti - Manasuswadheenamai – Tyagaraja – Misra chapu tala
5 Song - Mahalakshmi - Papanasam Sivan – Misra chapu tala

Flautist Sikkil Mala Chandrasekar

Mala Chandrasekar is a renowned flautist hailing from the Sikkil musical family. Her mother and aunt Neela and Kunjumani trained her. She has performed throughout India and abroad.

Mala on Sankarabharanam:

Sankarabharanam is a poorna raga which gives peace and tranquility when we perform or listen. Singing this raga will usher in prosperity. The raga has medicinal qualities and provides calmness to battered minds. It can be developed stage by stage and one should know the raga well before presenting it. Listening to different compositions will give us an insight into the nuances of the raga.

M S Subbulakshmi’s rendition of ‘Sarojadhalanethri’ by Syama Sastri and K V Narayanaswami’s rendition of ‘Akshayalinga vibo’ are my favourites.

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