Shymala’s music gurukulam- Margazhi Music Darbar 2018-19
As I neared the house of Mrs.Shyamala Krishnadas , I could feel the music filling the air. The house is invariably full of music and glee writes Lavanya... more
A V Manikandan- Margazhi Music Darbar-2018--19
A V Manikandan- Margazhi Music Darbar-2018--19... more
Lalgudi Gopala Iyer-Margazhi Music Darbar 2018-19
Lalgudi Gopala Iyer Belongs to the sishya parampara of the great composer Thyagaraja... more
Raga Saveri Margazhi MusicDarbar
Saveri is a janya of the 15th Melakartha raga Mayamalavagowlai.... more
Akshay Padmanabhan -Margazhi Music Darbar -2018-19
Akshay Padmanabhan -Margazhi Music Darbar -2018-19... more
Koteeswara Iyer -Margazhi Music Darbar 2018-19
Koteeswara Iyer (1869 -1938) was the grandson (daughter’s son) of the great poet and vaggeyakara, Kavi Kunjara Bharati, whose name was also Koteeswaran... more
Sri Ragam -Margazhi Music Darbar
Sri Ragam is an ancient raga in Carnatic music. Notably, it takes the lower madhyamam being a janya raga of Kharaharapriya. Sri Ragam is considered to be highly auspicious.... more
17th Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival kicks off
17th Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival kicks off... more
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