Are Mythologies Fictional and Rituals Irrational?
The characters from mythologies are indeed fictional. While the characters might be fictional, the vital issues illustrated in the stories are not.... more
Who is in charge of your mind
Neuroscientists state that, while we claim we are in control, it is actually our inner mind that is influencing our emotions, motives, and behaviors writes Dr Ram Sriram, Atlanta .... more
The subconscious mind knows more about you
Until early 17th century, scientists, philosophers, and theologians - from both the West and the East - recognized that our subconscious minds influenced who we are and the world we live in... more
Religion, not just faith but understanding
The premise of the article, “Religions Changing with the World’ was that religions should be uniting forces. However, both past and recent atrocities committed in the name of religions show says Dr Sriram, Atlanta... more
Fictional Airplanes and Spiritual Contributions
Hindu mythologies were not written to chronicle pseudo-historical events or to entertain us through fiction. Instead, they were written to share mystical experiences - insights and Realizations writes Dr.Sriram , Atlanta... more
Are Mythologies Relevant Today?
With the advancement of science, many individuals have become disillusioned with religion and mythology. Skeptics, particularly in the West,who now characterize religion and mythology as fiction and falsehood,are growing says Sriram , Atlanta... more
Guru Purnima at Chennai OM Skandasramam
Guru Purnima will be celebrated grandly on July 12 th at Chennai OM Skandasramam 1 Kambar st, ,Mahalakshmi Nagar,East Tambaram, Chennai -73,... more
The embodiment of Meivazhi is in the person of His Holiness MEIVAZHI SALAI ANDAVARGAL the preceptor of Meivazhi, who proves and upholds all the holy teachings of all the God... more
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